What you need to know

For an enjoyable and safe experience on our ice rink, we ask that all users read and adhere to the following practices;

Ice Rink safety guidelines
• Skate in an anti-clockwise direction at all times
• Skate at an appropriate speed
• Always follow instructions from ice rink marshals
• No chipping, spraying or throwing ice
• No sitting or climbing on safety barriers
• No horseplay
• No skating in chains of more than two people
• No food or drink on the ice
• No headsets, headphones, or personal stereos on the ice
• No carrying of others or children
• No peaked caps or hoods on the ice
• No scarves or long coats on the ice
• No bags on the ice. Cloakroom facilities are available at the venue. 

Skaters and spectators are deemed to understand the inherent risks of ice skating. Contravention of the ice rink rules or any other misconduct may result in ejection from the ice rink. Management reserve the right to refuse entry without a refund.

Ice Rink information
• Under 4s are not permitted on the ice
• Under 12s must be accompanied on the ice (1 adult may accompany up to 3 under 12s)
• Skating is not suitable for pregnant women or those with a heart condition
• Skaters are advised to wear socks and gloves for comfort and safety
• Upon entry with a valid ticket, remove your shoes to exchange for skates
• Skates range from a junior size 10 to adult size. Please follow instructions to ensure skates are comfortable and fitted correctly
• Penguin skate mates are only for those under 1.2m (3 feet) tall.
• During sessions, an artificial snow machine may be used. For further information please speak to the ice rink supervisor
• Refunds are only given at managements discretion

Skate Mates
Only for those under 1.2m (3 feet) tall.
Can be pre-booked up to 5 minutes before the session start time. Otherwise available at the rink (subject to availability).

There is no charge for spectators and they do not need a ticket – there is an open viewing area where they can watch the rink and buy drinks & snacks.